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Do you want to stand out among the millions of people who are searching for jobs? Are you looking for a new and innovative tool that can add value to your resume? If your answer to these questions is “Yes,” then you must meet our guest, the “Video Resume.” In today’s technological world where everything is moving at jet speed, employees are using video resumes as a tool to enhance their job search process. It is a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee as the employer can use the video resume as a means to understand the employee and the employee can use it as an effective and creative means to present himself/herself within 60 seconds.

That brings us to the other important question, “What is a video resume?” A video resume is an innovative means of presenting oneself to the employer and to convey important facets of your personality and character that are not included in your resume. Nowadays, it is very easy to create a video resume and various resources are available online to help you create that perfect video resume. However, be sure to use quality tools and resources to create your video resume as a low quality resume will send across the wrong message to your future employers.

One of the benefits of creating a video resume is that you have multiple chances to create the best video resume unlike a live face-to-face interview which gives you only one chance to showcase your talents. Moreover, non-verbal skills are sometimes more effective than your verbal skills. Last but not the least, video resumes help you communicate directly with the employer and address the most important question, “Why should I hire you?”

Having looked at the benefits of video resumes, let us look at some tips to create excellent video resumes:

1. Refrain from narrating your resume: A video resume is effective because it helps the employer understand your strengths and achievements that are not mentioned in your resume. Hence, don’t simply say what is included in your resume. Remember your video resume is often used as a pre-screening tool in the hiring process. Hiring managers will still go through your resume to know about your qualifications and other technical data.

2. Assess the relevance: Although a video resume is an excellent tool and effective means of communicating with your future employer, it might not be appropriate for all kinds of jobs. For example, a traditional data entry job might not require a video resume. On the other hand, a creative ad agency might be impressed by your crisp and innovative video resume.

3. Stick to the point: Although it is tempting to include a whole lot of information in your video resume, stick to the point and keep it simple. The main benefit of a video resume is that it is concise and gives your future employers a sneak peek into multiple facets of your personality.

4. Keep a script handy: Although spontaneity is appreciated in a video resume, it is advisable to have an outline ready which will ensure that you stick to the point without beating about the bush.

Why do you need a video resume?

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