How you live your life is a major determinant of the path life takes you on. It is not uncommon for people to come to you and consistently complain about how badly life has treated them, how there are always hindrances in all the projects that they take up, and how they need to change the way they live their lives.

If not the first two, but they have definitely got the last part right. If you treat your routine life badly, you cannot expect anything else but the same treatment in return. By creating a sense of discipline in your life and making some basic lifestyle changes not only will you be able to change your outlook towards your life, but you will also be able to transform your destiny.

Here are a few lifestyle changes that you can consider making that will allow efficiently coping work stress and changing your life for the better


Waking Up Early — With hundreds if not thousands of clichés revolving around ‘waking up early’ the health benefits of starting your day early cannot be overstated.

Being Disciplined About your Sleep — Something has simple as setting a discipline on the time of the day you will wake up at, you will be able to automatically get more disciplined about what time you get to bed.

Resist Late Night Temptations — No matter how stress busting watching that late night movie may feel while you do it, the fact remains that you eventually wake up groggy and not prepared for a long day at work. Early to bed and early to rise allows you to make the most of your most functional hours of the day.

Start Work Early — Starting early is a great way to enhance productivity and get most parts of your work done before the rest of the world gets up. This way, you will also not be stressed about not being able to meet time lines, since you are able to get yourself a head start!

Taking Breakfast on Time — Many of us make the mistake of skipping a breakfast or waiting until we get to work to eat your first bite of the day. Eating a healthy and wholesome breakfast in the morning is a great way to energize yourself in the morning. The right diet is also essential in effective stress reduction.

Making Time for Family — As exciting as your high flying career may be, spending time with your family and loved ones is a great way to pursue effective stress management.

Get Yourself a Pet — There is nothing more depressing than coming home to an empty apartment. Working hard for your family back home or coming home to an enthusiastic furry friend gives your life an alternative meaning.

Making Time for a sound Social Life — Make sure you also make time for friends and some socializing as and when possible.

Getting Things Done on Time — Bad time management skills are often the source of a lot of stress and professional problems. By being able to get all your work done on time, you will be able to take on a lot more responsibility and venture onto the path of success quickly.

Employing Effective Planning Strategies — By planning effectively and assigning strict timelines for each task, you will be able to effectively divide your working day into efficient segments. You will be surprised to find that using this method may also gain you some free time to pursue activities you always wanted to otherwise.

Giving your Health Some time — It is important that in your busy life you are able to take out some special time for physical fitness. Consider going out for a morning walk or for an outdoor yoga class. This way you can start your day off amidst nature’s wonderful treasures which eventually contribute to your well being.

Spend time Amidst Nature — By spending time in naturally stimulating environments, you will essentially benefit your health by facilitating good blood flow and enhanced energy levels. This will consequently benefit you in enhancing your productivity at work.

Doing things that Make you Happy — The bottom of the matter is that the best way to help life make you happy is to do things that keep you happy and at peace.

Pursue a Hobby — By instilling healthy habits, getting rid of bodily and emotional pains, finding reasons not to procrastinate and finding activities that are productive such as a range of hobbies can help you maintain a good mood at work and also at home.

Go on a Vacation — There is enough evidence that suggests individuals who take regular breaks tend to be a lot more productive in routine life than those who don’t.

Give Back — The humbling experience for giving back to society also does wonders to your personal perspective in life. Teach at an orphanage or spend time at an old age home during your weekends.

Smile — As easy as it sounds, most people forget this act for major parts of the day. A smile on the face can do wonders to your frame of mind and that of people around you.

Be Positive — Believe in karma and always think positive. Positive thoughts nurture positive actions.
Do a Random Act of Kindness — Every single day promise to do a random act of kindness. Whether it is to a stranger on the street, a stray animal or your neighbor.

Have some Fun — Simple activities such as playing a sport on the weekends, solving a puzzle on your own or dancing in the rain; can do wonders to your outlook to life.

Make New Friends — Instead of getting yourself busy with work all the time, join clubs, societies and hobby groups to make new friends.

Keep your Health on a Check — Every few months make sure you get a thorough health check to make sure you are on the right track of keeping healthy. Make necessary changes to make sure you do not deter from your health goals.

Dance — Not only is dance a good workout, but it is also a fun thing to learn. Pick a dance form of your choice and boogie the night away.

Avoid Using Electronics — As far as possible take a break from the use of electronic items whenever possible. This will allow you to explore the world around you more and also help relax your eyes and brains.

Become a child — Every once in a while, bring out the child in you. Play in the mud, finger paint or watch your favorite childhood cartoons!

By living well and finding justified reasons to do so, you can eventually build happy relationships with your bosses, colleagues, vendors, family members, etc. consequently building for yourself a life of your dreams.

Lifestyle Changes to Make Your Life’s Dreams Come True

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