Around 66% of women want to leave their job because they don’t have any career opportunity. The era of women wanting only a job and nothing else is over. When a women decides to start studying, she definitely knows that she doesn’t be at the same position for ever, especially because nowadays, it is rare to stay in the same company until retirement.

Before committing to a company, women now make sure that they will have the opportunity to flourish in their workplace, to be as considered as men and to especially have the same opportunity to evolve professionally, accompanied with a competitive salary and flexible working hours (in this order).

This study, conducted by a professional recruiter of Robert Walters in the UK revealed that this lack of career progression opportunity is the main reason why women leave a company. This reason comes first and it is followed by the unbearable CEO, inflexible working hours and bad corporate culture (environment, lack of recognition, etc.).woman ceo

Some women all explain that companies are often “Women Unfriendly”, because they don’t have any leadership opportunities or career evolution opportunities. And this is what prevents companies to attract talented female employees. Women now make sure that they can all reconcile for their career. Companies have to offer opportunities to women when they recruit them, to make sure that they will stay in their companies, and this will guarantee productivity and equality.


According to an article of the India Times, the possibility to evolve professionally is what attracts first the candidates all around the world (studies were conducted in Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and the UAE).


Lack of career progression opportunities is the number 1 reason why women leave jobs.

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