Here are 10 questions to think about as you plan your priorities for 2017:

  1. What’s the one thing you can do today to maximize talent and revenue growth? The answer should consist of certain actions that you can take to immediately accelerate your ability to fill jobs with the right people, increase productivity and grow your business.
  2. Who on your staff would you truly miss if they gave notice tomorrow? Seek them out and thank them for going on this journey with you. Then ask them what you can do to make the workplace and their job even better in 2017.
  3. Which five prospective employees would you hire in a NY minute if you were able to do so? Name them. Then go after them.
  4. 4.  Which three people that you know can refer you to other potential employees inside their own company? Name them, and ask them.
  5. Which three customers or vendors can you call to see if they know anyone who would be a good fit for your company?
  6. Which candidates told you “no” this year who you can go back to next year?
  7. Who did you lose this year that you are still missing? Call them up today and wish them a Happy New Year. Ask them how things are going. Listen carefully for signs indicating that they may be interested in returning to your company.
  8. What are your top three recruitment successes from 2016 — your biggest wins? What did you do in each case to make them happen? Is there a pattern? If so, make it a point to do more of this in 2016.
  9. What’s been on your to-do-list since the beginning of 2016 that you haven’t gotten to? Is it still important? If so, put a date and time on your calendar to get this done in April. If not? Take it off your list.
  10. Who in the organization is deserving of an executive coach? Are they worth the investment?
10 Questions to Maximize Talent and Revenue Growth in 2017

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